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DAMN repeat today. Is this going to be a two week break or what?
We're now officially on a four-month hiatus; new episodes return in September.

Also finished the rewatch of the entire series from mighty morphin to RPM, took me six months.

Now a question on vinjex when was it created and how many years is this after jungel fury?
The exact year in which RPM took place wasn't ever specified, but the flashbacks to the Venjix outbreak showed a fairly modern 21st Century society, and the general rule of thumb for PR is that, unless otherwise specified, each season takes place in the year in which it aired. This means that RPM would've taken place in 2009.

Regarding JF and RPM and the timeframes of the two seasons, the question of how much time passes between them is relevant only if you ascribe to the idea that they actually occurred in the same dimension (due to the appearance of Jungle Karma Pizza in Corinth).

Interestingly enough, if the two seasons are set in the same dimension, one of the most significant events of RPM - the release of the Venjix virus - would've occurred either during or immediately following the events of Jungle Fury (depending on exactly how much time passed in-universe between the events of Welcome to the Jungle and Now the Final Fury).
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