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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I'm still watching that (three eps in). It's really an alright show, but I can't say I've wasted any tears over it's cancellation.
Keep watching all the way through. Like Grimm, it evolves beyond its ho-hum, yet another sci fi cop show roots.
I wouldn't say those are its roots. The pilot episode was far more brilliant and innovative than anything since; it was a compelling drama focused primarily on Michael's family and his coping process, and the cases were a secondary focus. After the pilot, the network dumbed it down and imposed a more formulaic procedural structure, and for a while it seemed to put the kibosh on any ambiguity about which world was real, consistently treating Green World as the dream or metaphor reflecting what Michael was dealing with in Red World. (He learned things in Red that he couldn't have known in Green, but not vice-versa, and his cases in Green were a lot more melodramatic than his more mundane experiences in Red, like they were dramatizing the emotions and questions he was dealing with in Red.) It's only in the past few weeks that it's started to get more surreal, and we've had Michael discover things in Green that he couldn't have known in Red, restoring that original ambiguity.

So rather than evolving beyond its formulaic procedural roots, it's returning to its roots as a surreal Phildickian mindbender and shaking off the more formulaic procedural approach imposed on it post-pilot by a network that lacked faith in the original premise. (Although it's still mired in the Eeevil Conspiracy tropes that I could've done without.)
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