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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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But I voted for Awake.
I'm still watching that (three eps in). It's really an alright show, but I can't say I've wasted any tears over it's cancellation.
Keep watching all the way through. Like Grimm, it evolves beyond its ho-hum, yet another sci fi cop show roots. Unlike Grimm, it'll never get a chance to show us what it really could have been. (The final episode hasn't aired here either - it's next week - but I can already tell it will be a mindfrak.)

Anyway, I'm not torn up about any cancellations this year. Which just goes to show how little broadcast TV appeals to me anymore. I've gotten so I root for all the networks to clean house every year in the hopes they'll stumble across a new show that's good.

I'll check out Continuum if Syfy shows it. I just realized the kid in the blue hoodie is the teenage warlord from Jericho.
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