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Re: Hey Y'all

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Oh, my! I love your avatar J. Allen
And thank you oh so much
Thank you, and you're welcome!

Since you plan on visiting, let me offer you some quick advice:

TNZ can be a bit of a rough and tumble place, filled with all manner of discussions about religion, politics, and the like. Keep in mind that while most folks are good, some are definitely trolls, and you should just let the negative roll off your back. Still, if you remember the adage "listen twice, speak once", you'll do just fine.
Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it. I think I'm going to spend a long time surveying the area before I dive in and try to start conversing.

By the way, I just cannot get enough of your avatar. My boyfriend calls me Derpy, and I have just recently become an honorary Brony
Welcome to the Herd!
We have a Brony thread in TNZ, so if you want to get your feet wet before diving in, you can post there. We're all good folks.
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