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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Going back to the beginning.

Work and family has kept me busy for several months where it was difficult to get back into the frame of mind to work on this project. But, in the last few weeks of experimenting with Camera Match I've decided to go back to Square 1 and rebuild the meshes to get quality matches.

For example, the 3 consoles that line the wall in the S1 engine room theoretically should be each 8' wide to measure out for a 24' deep room according to the blueprints. But when constructed at that scale, the 5'11" Kirk and 5'10" Scotty are too small when placed on the set. So after adjusting the scale a bit, the consoles are now 7'3" wide and people look correct when placed in it.

So here is the S1 "The Naked Time" engine room again

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