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Re: Battleship: Spoilers, Discuss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

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Star Wolf wrote:
Come to think of it, that was the Independence Day moment, where the old veterans on Missouri join the young sailors
No that was the Under Siege moment. Literally stolen from a Steven Seagall movie...

instead of veteran pilots volunteering to fly the F-18s that came out of nowhere.
The Hornets came off the carrier once the barrier was down. In Independence Day several pilots were on leave, leaving several planes available after the aliens' initial attack.

Yet then we have the weirdness of being at Pearl Harbor and no active duty shore sailors stepping up with the squadron survivors to join in this battle like the disabled soldier on the mountain did. Thinking about it now, plot points aside, the feeling was more Armageddon then Independence Day or Battle:LA
And yet, Armageddon was still a better movie.
The way I saw Independence Day was the President leading a WWII sized airwing made up of Randy Quaid and other Vietnam vets to attack the Area 51 mothership, after Will Smith's and presumably the rest of the west coast fighter squadrons were already lost in the initial battle. Thus the F-18s that came out of nowhere comment and the Independence Day moment from the film. It was not a reference to the Ronald Reagan F-18's which saved Missouri. Curiously I have seen The Right Stuff more recently then Armaggedon, yet the strut of the veterans reminded me of the roughnecks making a Right Stuff inspired strut also. I mentioned Under Siege too, just not on this message board's thread

No I did mention it, post #2, confusing these multiple conversations are
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