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Re: Battleship: Spoilers, Discuss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Star Wolf wrote:
I was thinking about Predator 2 when he let a pregnant Maria Conchita Alonso go. I just saw the battleship aliens as soldiers following their laws of war. They attacked the highway to cut off the mountain, after which they let civilians alone in the rest of the world. When the John Paul Jones with cold guns turned off of her ramming attack she was let go. When Missouri made her turn to give a broadside they also hesitated, which did bite them in the ass.
The problem with this comparison is the ultimate goal. Predators are not invaders in the martial sense. They come down to Earth to hunt. They pick off a few humans that can defend themselves, collect their spines as trophies and go home. They don't go after humans that can't offer a decent fight. The one that spared Maria Conchita didn't necessarily care about the baby. He probably just thought a woman who was pregnant would be less physically capable of defending herself than one who isn't. Again, this is not evidence of any ethical sense on the part of the aliens.

The Battleship aliens are invaders in the martial sense. They sent troops and ships and immediately set about trying to achieve strategic goals. They closed off the area around the Hawaiian Islands to almost all ship and air traffic, then used the ships they brought to deal with the ships they missed and used the troops to take and hold the NASA station to use as a comms station. Yes, they let one ship go when it backed down, but then they had to deal with that same ship over the next several hours, and after it finally decided to sink the thing, it let the crew get to another ship to finish the fight and destroy their comms station, which got compromised because they let some NASA geek and a physical therapist with nice tits do whatever they pleased without incident. On the face of it this looks chivalrous, like with the Predators, but it's just as likely that the aliens were suffering from mind-blowing stupidity.

This is a problem in a literary sense, because chivalrous/stupid aliens that will let you screw them as long as you're not acting aggressive are not scary, and alien invaders that don't frighten anybody make for horrendous alien invasion movies. The aliens in Battle:LA were frightening on some level. So were the aliens in Independence Day. The aliens in this movie were a joke.

Which brings me back to my original comment, which had nothing to do with any code of honor on the Hirogen's part. The Hirogen were non-scary aliens the typically clueless writers of Voyager tried to pass off as Predators, while the Battleship aliens are non-scary aliens that the writers of this movie tried to pass off as War Of The Worlds Martians, and the one thing the Hirogen have over the Battleship aliens is that the Hirogen at least talked once in a while.

This is why I said don't think too hard about this. We're talking about stupid aliens in a stupid alien invasion movie.

Star Wolf wrote:
Admiral2 wrote:
Then they turned Missouri from a museum to a functioning battlewagon in like five minutes. Not even Bill Adama could do that. Not even the crew of Space Battleship Yamato could do that.
Come to think of it, that was the Independence Day moment, where the old veterans on Missouri join the young sailors
No that was the Under Siege moment. Literally stolen from a Steven Seagall movie...

instead of veteran pilots volunteering to fly the F-18s that came out of nowhere.
The Hornets came off the carrier once the barrier was down. In Independence Day several pilots were on leave, leaving several planes available after the aliens' initial attack.

Yet then we have the weirdness of being at Pearl Harbor and no active duty shore sailors stepping up with the squadron survivors to join in this battle like the disabled soldier on the mountain did. Thinking about it now, plot points aside, the feeling was more Armageddon then Independence Day or Battle:LA
And yet, Armageddon was still a better movie.
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