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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Felt sorry for Munich, they were the better side for most of that game.

But, congratulations to Chelsea, they just will not die!

Roberto Di Matteo - how can they NOT give him the job now!?!?!?!?!?
Honestly if that's all Di Matteo is capable of then i feel sorry for Chelsea.. they didn't deserve that win much like Otto Rehagel didn't deserve to win the European championship with Greece by using the same tactics (and later one didn't win anything of note).

I'm no fan of Bayern München at all.. i think their business leaders (not the players) are arrogant as hell.. openly trolling others when they are on a good standing during the season and reacting like spoiled children when they fuck up their games.

However in this case i really wished them to win.. it is history to win this prestigious finale in your own city, in your own stadium but fate decided otherwise. They were the better team throughout the entire game unlike last week where they played a german football association final and lost deservedly 5:2 while players from Munich stated they were the better team .

I don't subscribe to England's penalty curse.. penalties are about nerves of steel and luck.. skill they all have when they play in the team and they've trained countless times how to shoot a ball so i rule that out.

München had it twice in their own hands to take the cup home.. after they scored the 1:0 finally in the late stage of the game only to get the equalizer in the final stages and then when a player missed a penalty in the extension of the game.

The backlash over the coming days and weeks here in Germany will be huge.. colleagues of mine have put a party together and were really fired up about the game. Monday will be interesting in the office.
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