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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

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Unfortunantly from a legal point of view she had no right to decide as she was emotional invested in the outcome. She should have recused herself until such time starfleet could be contacted so an impartial judge could decide.

After all the argument seems to be Tuvix had no rights, so what's the problem if he had to wait an indefinate time until someone impartial had ruled on the matter.

Tuvix had the same right to life as Tuvok and Neelix.
Didn't Tuvix agree that if a cure was found he would willingly under go it to bring back Neelix and Tuvok? So isn't he willingly forfeiting his right to life?
If Tuvix was willing to do it, why did we need a hearing?
...because he reneged on his promise, which also should have been in writing to make it legal and binding.......... but this is the Federation/Starfleet. Where people take people on their word. Remember how shocked everyone was when Tuvix said "no"? It's why I believe nobody step up to save him when he protested. They were all aware of the agreement he made and that his life was never promised, no matter how much they grew attached to him. They all knew that "death" was always a possibility.
What I'm surprised at by the episode is that there was no inner conflict between the two personalities in him. I can't see Tuvok going back on a promise but I can see Neelix doing so out of fear.
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