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Re: Did Voyager have bad continuity?

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I'm glad they intended to address it at one point, at least! But, after the cut, surely they could have snuck in a comment in the next episode.
I think it's easier said than done.
Voyager had allot of troubles from the start with TNG & DS9 to live up too, not to mention being a flagship show on a brand new network trying to establish itself. I can clearly see how small details like such can be overlooked when you have producers and studio heads demanding so much more of you.

Look at it this way, it's easy to remember the bread and eggs when your wife is yelling at you to go shopping but because she's got you stressed, you always forget the milk. That's how I envision how being a writer on Voyager must have been like. It's why I try to give the show some slack. You get a different perspective when you try to picture yourself in their shoes...or at least I do.
Seriously, how can anyone be creative under such pressure?
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