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Re: Battleship: Spoilers, Discuss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

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Saw it for free at the midnight screenin' Thursday. I was one of about a dozen folks in the theater. To give y'all an idea...the midnight shows for The Hunger Games and The Avengers sold out the buildin' (eight screens), while Battleship couldn't fill a row in one screen. And I wasn't the only employee in there!

So, yeah, no chance of takin' out The Avengers at the box office.

As for the movie itself, it wanted to be Transformers so bad, ya could taste it. And the good guys only succeed because of stupid mistakes the bad guys make. First, they stop firin' on a known threat just 'cause it turns away, and second, one of the foot soldiers gives the scientist dude the equipment he needs to contact the ship from the island. Literally hands it to him and lets him go!

Also, I gotta wonder why the rollin' smart bombs didn't register a kid with a baseball bat as a threat...
Is that what happened? I've only seen a cam of the film and I couldn't make out what happened when the alien soldier walked in on the scientist.

This film was stupid. But it was also fun. I give it a B because it is just that, a B Movie.
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