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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished Doctor Who And The Crusaders last night, and it isn't a bad read. There is plenty of old-style adventure to be had with this one, something the Classic series of Doctor Who excelled at, especially in the black-and-white era. The book almost reads like one of the better pulp novels from the early 20th century, and in my opinion that isn't a bad thing. Ian and Barbara's romantic relationship, which Whitaker had teased in his novel of The Daleks, is taken further here. I liked that, because I'd always wondered about those two. Does that make me a shipper?

In addition, I've also been checking out the comic series Sandman Mystery Theatre. It isn't bad so far. And I'm still working through A Clash of Kings. Only about 250 pages to go...Why does it feel like such a slog all of a sudden?
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