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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

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First of all, do you know for a fact that Jeffries actually built the Constellation? That seems to be the crux of your argument.
No, I don't know who built the model. It's commonly asserted that Jefferies built the model but like many things associated with this topic, we don't have hard facts to back up what we say we "know."

Regarding the Constellation's registry, I know for a fact only the five things I've listed above.

I'd like to know more. So that's why I'm asking everyone if they have relevant primary source material.

I don't really have an "argument" I'm trying to make. Except, perhaps, that we fans need to do more primary research. Because I'm realizing that what I thought I knew about the Constellation model and it's registry isn't based on much evidence at all. In other words, most of what I "know" is hearsay and conjecture.

And I'm surprised that we can't nail this one down with more precision, given the amount of time Jefferies was alive after the series ended and the amount of attention during that time period that fans have been obsessing about registry numbers.

We really dropped the ball on this one.

How hard would it have been for someone to write a letter to Jefferies back in, say, 1980 and ask him about the registry? And about the model? That would have been easy. So why didn't anyone do it?

I'll bet someone did. It's just a matter of finding the person.
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