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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

There were moments in each of the last few episodes I still liked even though I was somewhat disappointed overall. "The Sentry" bugged me mostly because the reptilian monster was so cheesy looking (and I recall thinking the same way back when). It makes TOS' Gorn look like high art. And, yes, I also saw the similarities with TOS' "The Devil In The Dark."

There's little point in me breaking down the season by ranking since most of the episodes were either good or excellent. It's enough to say this was a damned good show which seemed to be largely unappreciated when it was on. But it's easy to see how it could develop a cult following. It's also easy to see how Chris Carter could be so inspired by it to create The X-Files. Hell, not just in ideas there are whole individual stories that are very similar to what X-Files would eventually do.
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