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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

16. Cabin In the Woods: B+
17. The Rum Diary: C
18. The Eagle: C+
19. The Avengers: A+
20. The Adjustment Bureau: A
21. Sucker Punch: B-
22. Knight & Day: C+

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz spy "thriller" about a potential weapon being sought after by several parties. June (Diaz) gets caught up in this tug of war of espionage as the "normal person" however her character is rather "blonde" and therefore I had trouble taking her serious. Not unlike real life dimwit blondes.
Super Spy Roy (Cruise) is played so aloof that like June you are perhaps trying to figure out if he is who says. However, this guessing game which I'd wager was meant to add some excitement to the film comes off as instead.

Some good action moments and the ending is about exactly what you'd think so all the is he/isn't he who he says is pointless.
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