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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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While I agree that the forum is run pretty strictly, not liking negative comments etc, I have mostly good things to say about Showmasters events. I've been to three of them so far (Collectormania 15, LFCC 2010 & LFCC 2011) and am going on my fourth (Collectormania) in two weeks to meet Nichelle Nichols. So far I've managed to meet Nimoy, Shatner & Koenig and I'll be forever grateful for making them available to us in Europe.
Germany's Fedcon have been making these people available in Europe for years. You'd be better off going there once a year.

The problem with the Shamasters forum isn't that it's run strictly as such, it's the fact that it's run by moderators who let their friends say what they like while bullying and threatening people they don't like, and deleting pefectly non offensive posts made by those people.

Most of the mods make sarcastic, crass, and usually pointless responses to many questions. They're only there to try and stop the public fron finding out the truth, which is why so much stuff gets deleted. Two mods in particular have been going after people for years with their own personal vendettas.

Did you notice Tim Russ was recently cancelled for LFCC? Newsflash! He was already booked for an event in the US long before Joiner announced him. Joiner was well aware of this. He said he didn't care because he had a "signed contract".

Welcome to Shamasters.
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