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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

"Stay on topic. Stay on topic."

We're drifting into subjects that have been discussed on a number of other threads and other forums. And while interesting, these fan ruminations are not germane to the question I'm asking.

Which is: I want to know what primary source material we have regarding the history of the studio model of the Constellation and it's registry number.

As far as I can tell, we have only three pieces of primary source material related to the Constellation model:

1) from dialogue on screen, we know that the Constellation is described as having the configuration of a "starship".

2) from photographs of the model used to represent this starship called the Constellation, we know that it was built from an AMT model kit.

3) from photographs of the model, we know that the registry of the Constellation is NCC-1017.

Regarding starship registries during TOS, there are also two supplemental pieces of primary source material that are relevant to the Constellation:

1) from a production drawing of the Enterprise, we know that Matt Jefferies proposed a registry system in the 1700's for ships like the Enterprise.

2) from the episode "Court-Martial", there are eleven other "star ship" registries we know: one in the 1300's, several in the 1600's, several in the 1700's, and one or two in the 1800's.

So regarding the Constellation's registry, that's all we can know with certainty at this point, right? Everything else is just hypothesis and conjecture.

But I find it hard to believe that in 30+ years, no one ever asked Matt Jefferies about this model and its unusual registry.

So I'm asking the readers of this forum if they know of any interviews with Mr. Jefferies, any production memos, any notes from the special effects house, any production sketches, any annotated scripts, or any other primary source material with which we can add to our knowledge of the model of the Constellation built in 1967, particularly in regard to the registry number of the ship.

That's all I want to know.
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