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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Well, yeah, obviously vintage Star Wars figures are going to be an exception. I'm not collecting those, though. I like quality. Those are old, outdated, and hold no nostalgic feelings for me since they were all made before I was born. No offense, of course.

Sideshow really does make it a lot easier to afford Hot Toys stuff, though. With their flexpay option, I can pay $50.00 a month instead of dropping the $200 all at once. I'm flexing every single one of these Avengers, because this is actually a collection that is damn important to me. It will take a year at least for all of them to come out, but it will make for one incredibly impressive display. After that, I'm probably done with Hot Toys for a long time. Ok, not true. There's still Star Wars, even if they haven't shown anything beyond Luke. It makes me almost kinda happy that DCUC is dead, Marvel Legends are MIA, and I can't find the Star Wars figures I want for the life of me. It's easier to afford this.
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