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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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By the way, Ponies and Muppet Star Wars are going to bankrupt me? Have you not seen the Hot Toys Avengers I've been posting?
Good point.

Man, isn't being a toy collector both the coolest and the most frustrating hobby there is? There's always something new and cool you have to get and it can cost an arm and a leg...but once you get it you feel so, so much better. When I read stories of people paying seventy or eighty dollars for one Darth Malgus action figure on eBay I cringe and roll my eyes, but who knows...maybe that person can afford to spend close to a Ben Franklin on one action figure and it brings them lots of joy and satisfaction. More power to them. It must be nice to drop four Andrew Jacksons plus shipping on one 4" action figure and not bat an eye.

Great Hot Toys collection, BTW. I'm sure I've already said it, but it bears reiterating. Damn fine stash you've got there. I hope you can score at least a few of the Muppets!
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