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Re: Battleship: Spoilers, Discuss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

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"But A2," you say, "you sang the praises of Battle:LA and it had just as many cliches!" True, but as already mentioned it had more accurate battle scenes, which were also more intense...and the aliens were a hundred times more interesting. The bad guys here were like the Hirogen...without the personality.

My Voyager memory is kind of hazy. Are you referencing the aliens code of conduct which allowed John Paul Jones to survive when the rest of the squadron was lost? It reminded me of the predator movies and their hunter ethics. Until the cops showed up to say the roads to the mountain was cut I could not understand with all the red and green codes why the highway was blown up but then they were acting like no collateral damage whould be allowed or surrendering prisoners should be harmed.
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