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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

"Legacy Of Terror" ****

Victims are found with their hearts cut out in a ritualistic manner.

The idea of having your heart cut out while you're still alive is a pretty gruesome. It gets weirder still when Kolchak learns the final victim of the current periodic spree is actually a willing sacrifice. Ouch!

A real pity about the female Air Force officer getting offed. I thought she was smokin'.

"The Knightly Murders" ***

People are being killed with medieval weapons wielded by a knight in black armor.

I always find it weird the way people are often shown being killed. Are they all so frozen in terror that they just sit there waiting for it? Kolchak seems to be the only one to use his fear to motivate his feet and try to run like hell. Very few others seem to put up a fight of any kind.

This one felt off somehow. It was just okay I thought, but nothing special.

"The Youth Killer" ***

Beautiful young people in the prime of their lives are dying of advanced old age.

This was just okay. The best part of it was seeing Cathy Lee Crosby in her prime and in a Grecian style dress. Nice! She also once got to play a version of Wonder Woman in a rather forgettable made-for-TV movie. Oh well...

It seems the last few episodes are running out of steam just before the show got cancelled prematurely. There were originally supposed to be twenty-six episodes, but it just wasn't going to happen.
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