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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The latest rumor about a cancelled series revived by Netflix: Pan Am.

Sony Pictures Television, producer of the canceled airline drama “Pan Am” that aired on Walt Disney Co. (DIS)[/URL]’s ABC network has held talks with distributors to keep the show going, two people with knowledge of the matter said.
I know that show does well overseas, but I'd rather see networks start diversifying into web series with concepts that are too nichey to survive either on broadcast or cable, vs resurrecting canceled series. After they bring back Jericho, of course. Do that one and then stop.

Pan Am was an okay series, nothing more. Maybe freed from the constraints of broadcast, it wouldn't be so pat and formulaic...

DirecTV could be the savior of shows like Harry's Law, which get axed for skewing too old for broadcast.
“We’ll pick up shows that go to our fan base, which is predominantly 35 and over,” Chang said. “We’re trying to complement a DirecTV brand. If a show has an excellent cast and writing, it can be a good fit.”
I can see the attraction of a known quantity with a built-in fanbase, but Netflix, DirecTV et al aren't doing themselves any favors if they start to be perceived as a dumping ground for broadcast rejects.
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