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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

Living in a democracy, we forget how its like in the military, esp the "old days" sailing the the seven seas where the Captain's word WAS (and probably is, in international waters) LAW.

JANEWAY: Maybe this is one of those decisions that the captain has to make for the entire ship.
CHAKOTAY: You may have a problem if a lot of people want to stay.
JANEWAY: I know that, but at the same time I can't take a vote every time there's a major decision to be made. And yet, we're a long way from Starfleet, and a lot of the rules and regulations I've learnt to uphold seem distant as well.

Janeway, 75000 light years away from the alpha quadrant, is it for these people.

We tend to forget several points about the Tuvix conundrum.


Initially, Tuvix actively tried to create a method to reverse this situation.

EMH: We've made over a hundred attempts to reverse the symbiogenesis using the medical transporter, and each time this has been the unfortunate result. Complete cellular collapse.
KIM: The genetic codes of the chrysanthemum and the clematis are so scrambled that the targeting scanners can't recognise the original patterns.
TUVIX: I suppose it would be like trying to extract the flour, eggs and water after you've baked the cake.
EMH: Obviously, in the case of Mister Tuvix, we're dealing with a much more complex organism than a flower. In effect, we're talking about recreating two humanoid life-forms without so much as a single discrete strand of DNA to start with.
TUVIX: Are you saying I'm going to be this way forever?
EMH: I am an incredibly skilled doctor, and I will continue to pursue a safe and effective treatment until I find one. But I won't lie to you. I'm not optimistic. It could take months, even years, to find a solution. And we must face the possibility that this condition is simply untreatable. I feel as though I've lost two patients. I'm sorry.


Tuvix isn't a new lifeform... he's Neelix and Tuvok. Unlike Lindsay Ballard, there isn't someone new here, there is just an amalgamation of two previous beings.

KES: Well, do you feel as if you're thinking with two minds, two separate minds? Are Neelix and Tuvok inside of you, talking to me, talking to each other?
TUVIX: If you mean am I suffering from some form of multiple personality disorder, I don't think so. I do have the memories of both men, but I seem to have a single consciousness.

and just a few lines later, this slips out of "Tuvix"...

TUVIX: I am so glad you're here to help me through this, sweeting. I'm sorry... It was instinct.


A term of endearment reserved to one person out of the 150 or so onboard Voyager... Neelix. Not Tuvok. Not Tuvix.


Tuvix was an artifically created being out of the building blocks of two other living beings, not from the burnt out corpse like someone we know.

Two other living beings that had a certain expectation of the Captain to whom they were expected to pledge their life, their work, their very posterity to.

Magistrate [on viewscreen]: You're talking about a very specific case. Nevad was able to claim responsibility for the prince as a father and as a king. That's why the spirits were willing to listen to him.
JANEWAY: The Captain of a starship is fully responsible for every member of her crew.
Magistrate [on viewscreen]: So she is.
JANEWAY: And on that basis, I'd like to go through the ritual myself.

That's why this show is so powerful.

Janeway was willing and able to take on the SIN of killing this new lifeform, to save her two crewmen.

We know she thinks its a sin, because of the face we see as she leaves the sickbay.

We know she believes all three have a right to live, but that possession may be 9/10's of the law... but in the end its ONLY 9/10's of the law.

This Captain had the balls to stand up for the 1/10... those 2 individuals who (except for Kes) were without a voice in the argument.

Kes: ...Tuvix doesn't deserve to die, but I want Neelix back.

If I was 75,000 light years from home, I know who I'd want in my corner.

Someone willing to march into 800 megajoules of bioelectric energy to save my life.

Someone willing to rip her soul into shreds to save me.

Because... quite honestly...

I'd do it to save her.

"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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