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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Apples. Apples first came from a tree just outside Moscow.
B is for Bourbon. A Russian inwention.
C is for Chekov, an export of Russia and Cherry Orchard, The a play by that Chekhov chap.
D is for Denobulan sausages. Inwented in Russia.
E is for Egg Salad...inwented by a little old lady from Minsk.
F is for ... Well... You know. The Russians did it first
G is for Getting it in one Mr. Garibaldi
H is for helicopters. Leonardo da Saratov, actually
I is for incandescent lightbulbs. Inwented by Thomas Andrievich Edison.
J is for Jewish Rye bread. Inwented by a rabbi in St. Petersburg.
K is for the Kimono. Designed and first vorn by the Czarina of all the Russias.
L is for lasers. inwented by a DJ from Novosibirsk
M is for Mom's apple pie. Not an American cossack inwention. Russian, baby
N is for Nuclear power. inwented by a little old man from Yakutsk
O is for Ozkar Mir Veeners. Zay plump ven you turn up da heat--like a good Russian voman.
P is for Potato chips. Don't believe the hype. Potatoes are a Russian specialty, so put two and two together.
Q is for Quadrotriticale, of course.
R is for radio. Which was inwented by Vladimir Ivan Marconi. From Murmansk.
S is for Space. First human to visit was Russian.
T is for Tequila. Those Mexican cossacks are all lying. Eating the worm was a Russian inwention.
U is for Universe. God is Russian.
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