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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

And none of them struck me as being remotely bold or original in any way.
That would be astonishing to see in any CBS series. They don't do "bold" and "original."

is the one that struck me as more of a departure than I would have expected from CBS, for the historical time period alone, and also the serialized format (which seems to be demanded by the premise). Terrible name, tho. Wasn't there already a show or three by that name?

Anyway, Awake is back to being interesting and not dragged down by its procedural element.

But that's NBC - shows on that network tend to be much more volatile in their development because NBC can't figure out a formula that will work for them. CBS has long since figured it out, and has no motive to rock the boat.

And that's why I rarely bother with CBS shows at all, but will give an NBC show a long leash - sometimes, like with Grimm and Awake, it pays off (well for now since Awake is toast.) And sometimes it goes in the opposite direction - eg, Smash. But at least with NBC, there's hope.
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