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^ Don't try figuring him out.

Space Command looks promising if they really do get some talented veteran actors on board. That would solve the #1 problem I keep seeing in these web series, that the SFX are impressive but the actors just don't come across, either because they're amateurish, or sometimes it might be that their scenes are too bland to really grab you and scream, "you gotta see more of what happens with this guy/girl!!!"

There must be lots of unknown actors out there who could do that, but bringing in someone like Armin Shimmerman or Robert Picardo guarantees that there's at least one person in the scene who will grab the audience's attention and get that vital buzz going.

Am I the only one who's tired of these pitch reels that offer no substance?
Compare them with the trailers being released by the networks this week (being upfronts week). They don't really have a lot of "substance" either. All they can do is tease. A great way to tease effectively is to have someone the audience recognizes, doing something colorful and "grabby."

Just look at the attention Revolution is getting now. Frankly, I don't see what the fuss is about, the premise is tired and full of potential logic problems. But they've got Giancarlo Esposito playing a badass warlord! He's already got a solid fan following, and the scenes with him really zing.

Just that one element will at least get the trailer attention, and then it's up to the series to deliver on that promise. Maybe it will fail at that point, but the trailer did what it needed to do.
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