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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

...Also, for fans of Ships of the Star Fleet, the Yorktown represents a TOS era vessel initially upgraded to lesser specs than Kirk's original vessel (the so-called Constitution (II) standard, a name chosen by the book's authors for the Phase II interpretation of the Star Trek hero vessel). It would make a great deal of sense for Starfleet to refit that ship one more time, now that the Klingon threat was peaking and budgets would allow for all the bells and whistles that had not been affordable when the Constitution (II) refit was implemented in the early 2270s.

Having had a partial refit already, USS Yorktown would still be in pretty modern shape in the 2280s, so not everything would need to be brought to the latest standard in the second refit - hence the TOS style shuttlebay, the exposed GNDN tubes etc. Some time after the second refit, the Whale Probe would fry much of the computer system, though, and installation of the replacement would entail installing the most modern interfaces as well. Thus, three layers in evidence: TOS interiors, TMP exteriors, modern computer interfaces.

Something built for the purpose would be far less likely to demonstrate layering of that sort...

Timo Saloniemi
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