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Re: So if the Axis won WWII, the Federation would have never existed?

Not really, not in the Nazi Germany vs. USSR contest. Communism in the Soviet Union was highly exclusive and discriminatory, especially so in the war years; OTOH, Nazis were happy to accept everybody who'd join their war effort, even if they did a little ethnic slaughtering at one sector of a front while the ethnic group in question was fighting the Soviets for them at another.

A military alliance in this context of a contest would not be an ideological one. Churchill allied with the Devil because the Beelzebub was about to overrun his country; he'd have done the reverse in the reverse situation, and so would everybody else. Let's not forget that Hitler immediately won allies to his cause whenever he drove out a comparable danger from another direction. Stalin was but one such danger: Norway was about to be occupied by Britain and well knew it, lending a bit of legitimacy to a local Nazist movement, while the Balkan nations directly benefited from Hitler sorting out longstanding issues between them. It's not that Hitler would have been a solution: it's that, combined with the fact that Hitler was coming anyway, an alliance made a great deal of sense.

None of these alliances and arrangements really had a significant ideological element to them - it just obviously followed that after a deal was made, those with Nazi sympathies had a position of power in the ally nation. But perhaps tellingly, while there existed Nazi factions in several nations, and the war gave them disproportionate powers, no nation demonstrated a comparable increase of Communist sympathies due to the war or volunteered to join fates with the USSR. The "universal appeal" of Communism hit its lowest bottom at the time...

Timo Saloniemi
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