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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
In any case, yes, there is (or was) a mod you could install the made it so you'd always get Handmaiden. It was kind of buggy and I don't even know if you could still find it at his point.
I'll have to have a look around and see what I can find. I did spot one that I thought was right, but there was no description to speak of and a bunch of comments saying it didn't work. I wonder if it might be easier to just use a save editor?

Itisnotlogical wrote: View Post
I remember when I first found him and realized that he was supposed to join my party, I hoped that I'd done something wrong and went back to... Telos? (can't remember the planet's name) to try and grab Handmaiden again. It was so frustrating to look at the party select screen and say "Well, I'm stuck with this guy"
I had a similar experience. I kept wandering around the hidden academy talking to all the handmaidens, thinking I'd missed something. How hard could it be to mod I wonder? I don't recall any of the characters ever referring to the PC's gender and even if they did, I'd gladly accept the off pronoun slip in exchange for the Handmaiden.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
It's been so long since I've played it, but maybe I should give it a shot again now that the mod's released. I certainly don't remember the more varied terrain, but I think my favourite location was Dxun. It was one of the more unique locations in the game and felt like they'd put the most effort into that location.

Anyone got a link to the mod? I looked at the site for the Restoration project, but that hadn't been updated in forever the last time I looked.
This is probably where you want to go.
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