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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Revolution has me definitely weary--JJ Abrams show--but I have been hearing that it isn't going to be the over-the-top incoherent mess his other series are--we'll see--actors over hype shit all the time to gin up viewers.
I refer you to the post Harvey made in this thread eight days ago:

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On the television side, you seem to be giving Abrams a lot of credit (or blame) where it's not deserved. His active involvement as a writer and/or director on those shows has been limited to their early life. Consider: Abrams' last writing credit on Lost was the season three premiere; his last writing credit on Fringe was the season two premiere; his last writing credit on Alias was the fourth season premiere; his last writing credit on Undercovers was the third episode.
These days he basically just co-creates shows that are then produced by other people. Or just co-produces shows created by other people, like Jonathan Nolan's Person of Interest.
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