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I found it interesting that the season finale (Introduction to Finality) takes place after summer break.
Are you sure? Jeff was going on and on about his biology final through the whole episode. Why would he be taking a final after the summer break? Or did they actually say it was after the summer, and I just missed it?

I did miss like the first minute of the ep, so that's possible.
Yea. Jeff has a line where he talks about having to have spent his entire summer making up this biology course which was why he just wanted to study for the final and not deal with anything else. You'd have thought the Dean after being freed from imprisonment by the gang could have floated them all a passing grade in Biology in the course that got canceled.

I loved the 8bit episode. So basically this season we had an episode almost entirely in claymation and another in 8bit style. Why I love this show.
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