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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017


A schematic of a Constitution-class heavy cruiser bearing the registry NCC-1700 was seen briefly on a computer monitor in "Datalore".

As for the registry list in "Court Martial", the title of the chart is Star Ship Chart. The only ships identified in the original series as starships were Enterprise-type vessels. The USS Constellation is identified as a starship in the episode "The Doomsday Machine".


By configuration, a starship stopped in space.
Now, what I may say next may be contradictory. For me, the original series doesn't make the connection between the USS Enterprise and Constitution-class. There is a schematic of a primary phaser (left, right) from the episode "The Troubles with Tribbles". This phaser type is used on the Star Ship Mk 09/01 Constitution-class. In the original series, no ship was ever identified as a Constitution-class starship, and, staying within canon to the first series, no ship of this class ever appeared.

The Enterprise was either an Enterprise-type vessel (The Making of Star Trek) or a Star Ship Class vessel. The connection between the USS Enterprise and the Constitution-class occurred, as far I know, in the early-to-mid 1970s, long after the show ended.

Continuing along this thread of thought, using only the evidence from the TOS, the Constitution-class could have been either an older class, a newer class, or a conceptual class.

I am not troubled by the USS Constellation having a lower registry, and possibly being of an older class. I think the situation is akin to aircraft carriers. Since the 1910's, aircraft carriers have remained pretty much the same. An aircraft carrier has a hull, a landing deck, and an island. There have been variations within this class of ship as aircraft carriers became more advanced, and as the planes the ships carried became more advanced.

I would have been happy if CBS Paramount had done cosmetic changes to the USS Constellation to imply an older class of ship. I know they did these changes to the USS Lexington. Unlike the Enterprise, which had three forward facing circles, the Lexington had two sets of two forward facing circles. See here.
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