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Re: Prometheus: Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi

Aldo wrote: View Post
Does it say whether or not the Charlize Theron naked push ups will be included?
I don't think so. That's now probably the only thing I haven't been spoiled about.

StarTrek1701 wrote: View Post
Asbo Zaprudder wrote: View Post
I don't care about spoilers - if a story isn't good enough to stand a second viewing, it probably wasn't worth investing my time watching it the first time.

But, yes, avoid that site if you hate spoilers. However, I don't think what I've read there spoils the ending.
To me that's not really much of a spoiler as there's no context as to how the film got there. As with the original Alien, the enjoyment will probably come more from the "ride".
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