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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The Last Resort looks like next season's LOST wannabe doomed to failure.

Revolution has me definitely weary--JJ Abrams show--but I have been hearing that it isn't going to be the over-the-top incoherent mess his other series are--we'll see--actors over hype shit all the time to gin up viewers. Billy Burke promises that it is entertaining, linear and easy to follow--so hopefully it is. They'd be smart not to drag out the mystery of what caused the blackout and who and why--get it out of the way--and let it be halfway inventive and not some lame revelation like FlashForward and The Event ultimately provided.

Park Avenue actually looks to be the best of the fall shows--the trailer makes it feel like a supernatural soap opera rather than one of those overloaded mystery shows. Hopefully it will actually be fun and entertaining--a sort of 2012 Dark Shadows or Point Pleasant rather than the abysmal ABC summer series The Gates or overrated Revenge. I prefer my soaps over-the-top in their scheming and machinations.

That's pretty much it that I'm interested in until the winter debut of Do No Harm(could be a fun show) and Zero Hour(intriguing premise but it could veer into LOST-territory if they aren't careful).
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