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Re: Did Voyager have bad continuity?

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No, I do agree but even going by DS9's "Hard Time", emotional and physical trauma in Trek only last until the end of each episode.......but then again, we shouldn't expect such realism from fantasy sci-fi which Trek is.
It's one of the few things they are consistent with.
That's one continuity that they got right. It's almost like characters were given a (mostly) clean slate at the start of each episode.
I usually refer to the Prophets lesson to Sisko about getting over shit: "Why do you exist here?" I think basically it's TPTB's way of saying, characters are not going to linger on stuff when we can spend more effort pushing the story forward. Uhura and Troi have both been raped and they acted like NOTHING ever happened then either.
You see I can understand the logic in that. It is, after all, only a one hour show. I guess maybe it's just me and my fondness for character development and continuity.
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