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Re: Did Voyager have bad continuity?

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We've seen many times in Trek that doesn't happen.
We've seen Picard have major heart surgery and walk out the door right after it was done like nothing happened. We've seen Harry Kim walk away from an 8472 infection with no lasting trauma. The only time I can recall seeing physical trauma in Trek is when someone looses a limb or spinal surgery.
That's true. Although I was referring to the physical changes having an emotional effect on them, so my apologies for not clarifying that. Going through a sort of experience like that, despite any sort of mental preparation would likely have emotional repercussions. You may not agree with me, but I just cannot believe that there would be no emotional trauma after being assimilated.
No, I do agree but even going by DS9's "Hard Time", emotional and physical trauma in Trek only last until the end of each episode.......but then again, we shouldn't expect such realism from fantasy sci-fi which Trek is.
It's one of the few things they are consistent with.
That's one continuity that they got right. It's almost like characters were given a (mostly) clean slate at the start of each episode.
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