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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


Chakotay is on a pakra and I am making dinner (listening more than watching), and then I hear Nog! As I whip around and shout “Nog!” I am sadly disappointed to see “him” as a Kazon….

Neelix is complaining to Janeway that he was not invited to the holodeck defense simulations. He kind of reminds me of my Grandma. Sometimes she talks me into doing things I really don’t want to do, but she is so intent on helping or trying to do something kind that I just go with it. (I’m prepping for my Grandma’s visit next week)!

While on his pakra Chakotay out-maneuvers the Kazon ship and saves the boy Kar (I’m sorry but he’s Nog, that voice will always be Nog to me)! Then another Kazon ship takes both Chakotay and Kar as captives.

Then half the episode skipped because of my crappy-library DVD. Next thing I found out a Kazon told someone to get Chakotay something to eat because his execution would be that night. Chakotay is calm and explains to the Kazon that he wants his first impression of humans to be a good one and that he will not fight them or dishonor himself. The Kazon want Chakotay to kill Kar and he says that he will not kill a child. When the Kazon gives Chakotay a weapon to kill Kar Chakotay turns on him and puts the weapon to his (the leader’s) throat. Kar goes with Chakotay so he won’t die without his name (at least this way he has a chance). The Kazon ship chases them and since they cannot out-run or out-gun it they transport to a habitable moon.

In the meanwhile, the VOY is tracking Chakotay’s ship. Janeway aks Neelix to stay on the bridge to help in case the Kazon return and he remarks, “You can count on me to keep those nefarious Kazon at bay”! Great use of the word nefarious!! It is fun to watch Neelix at work. He would make a good politician! Neelix calmly calls the Kazon out for lying and explains the situation to them.

Chakotay and Kar have a heart-to-heart talk and Chakotay tries to explain that he had to earn his uniform just like Kar has to earn his name; with the exception that he did not have to kill rather study and learn to earn his place. Chakotay tells Kar to kill him just before his crew arrives because they could revive him and Kar could get his name. When it comes to the moment to kill him Kar kills the Kazon Razik and puts Haliz in power. Haliz gives Kar his name and allows the Federation to leave for one-time only without being killed.

Favorite part: I got to see “Nog” again and I enjoyed his and Chakotay’s heart-to-heart talk.

Least favorite part: The episode was a little anti-climactic.
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