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^ And when seasons were 26 episodes long.
That was the norm for live-action shows for a while, but it wasn't too common in animated shows at any time I'm aware of, at least not since the '60s. When I was growing up, seasons were typically around 13-16 episodes at best. Star Trek: TAS had a 16-episode first season and a 6-episode second. The first four seasons of Super Friends were 15-16 episodes each, the remaining five only 6-8 episodes each. By the '80s and '90s, the standard was for a season of an animated show to have 13 weeks' worth of material: if it was aired once a week on Saturday mornings, it was 13 episodes, and if it was stripped five days a week, it had 65 episodes.

In fact, the only time I know of that 26-episode seasons have been common for animated shows is now. Cartoon Network's original series like Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the various incarnations of Ben 10 often have 26-episode seasons.
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