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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

"Chopper" *****

A headless motorcycle rider is exacting revenge for his death.

Another example of this show's recipe for good storytelling: balancing humour with the macabre. This episode is basically an updated retelling of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, only instead of a headless horseman we get a headless former bike gang member. Awesome and well done.

Larry Linville (first seen way back in the first TV film) returns, but this time he's a police captain. First he played weanie Frank Burns on M*A*S*H and he plays a putz in this story.

Another thing I love about this show is seeing so many of those old character actors.

"Demon In Lace" *****

Young men and women are dropping dead all over a university campus.

Kolchak learns he has to find a succubus, an ancient mythical female demon who comes to life within a young dead female corpse to lure young men to their deaths in her amorous embrace. Now there's something to strike terror into any virile young male.

Other than some scenes and the first two films I'm a little shocked how much of these stories I had forgotten. I remember liking the show, but over the decades of not seeing it I had actually forgotten about most of these except for the occasional part. I'm rediscovering now after forty years how damned good the series actually was. Like Star Trek it seems to have gone largely unappreciated during its time, only unlike TOS it didn't get the exposure in syndication. A damned shame. I've only got four episodes to go and yet so far none of the episodes has been bad. At worst the very few disappointments are that because they're just okay efforts and not as effective as the rest of the otherwise good-to-excellent episodes.

I think after I finish these I'm going to get a hold of some of the Kolchak stories in print. Apparently there were quite a few stories written by numerous authors based on the original novel and the TV series itself.
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