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Re: Did Voyager have bad continuity?

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it was no worse than TOS or TNG on continuity, it just gets more crap about it because television was more continuity-conscious by that point, plus VOY's premise demanded more attention paid to continuity.
Nobody seems to remember, notice or care about the canon facts about Trills mentioned in TNG that are all but forgotten by DS9 or the inconsistency in the Cardassian uniforms in flashback episodes of DS9 and how those weren't the same style uniforms worn in TNG when they're introduced.
However, I think LOST, Law & Order and Voyager have shown you can still do a show that's fairly inconsistent and still grab a mass audience.
Besides, isn't the common stereotype about Trek/sci-fi fans is that we nitpick issues that don't matter to anybody else?
I very much doubt the casual viewer that watched Voyager was counting the shuttles or the torpedos and TPTB were very much aware of this and most likely found our complaints about it unimportant or unavoidable due to last minute script changes.
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