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Re: A thought about Turnabout Intruder

Christopher wrote: View Post
^Yes, that's the text, but as I said, there's a subtextual implication that Lester is crazy because she aspires to rise beyond traditional gender roles. Her behavior while she possesses Kirk is textbook "hysteria," a longstanding stereotype of female behavior. It's fortunate for modern viewers that it is possible to read the text in a way that dismisses Lester's behavior and beliefs as simple insanity, but evaluating the story critically and with an eye toward its cultural context suggests that the author's intent was not so gender-neutral, that there's an underlying message of "women should know their place."
Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
The simple fact is, Lester is obviously insane. Not just because of 'hysteria', but flat out insanity. A kind of insanity that a man OR a woman could have. Thus, we cannot take anything she says seriously. She's not insane because she wants to rise above gender roles, she's insane...simply because she's NUTS! Not everything has to have a reason.
Plus the Women can't be starship captains thing falls apart when you have the Cage with the woman first officer nobody has a problem with commanding the ship while Pike is being a plaything for the Talosians. Not to mention It would be idiotic to have people not allowed to command ships in the frickin chain of command seeing as there exists the possibility of them having to take command in an emergency.

Plus again seeing as Lester is nuts and starship commanders have to pass psych evaluations to jet the job and in fact anywhere NEAR the job and her going nuts seem to indicate she probably flunked one of the psych evaluations.
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