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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

So if hypothetically Tuvix said can you drop me off on this planet before you go. Janeway would have to leave him there? The only alternative would be to imprision him.

And what meaningful life could he have if the threat of beaming killed was looming over him?

At what point to you say enough time has passed before you give up on Neelix and Tuvok? A week, A year? What would happen theortically if they only discovered a way to get Neelix and Tuvok back 3 years after the accident. Would it be ok to do it then?

What legal parameters do you set? Strictly speaking Janeway shouldn't have been presiding over the matter, as she has an emotional investment in the outcome. It was only due to Voyager's unique circumstances that she had to. She has no set a dangerous precedent in law.
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