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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

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I can't believe so many people can't see that the cases of Quinn and Tuvix are both cases of the rights of the individual vs the will of the majority with her verdict in both cases resulting in the death of the individual.
Oh, we see it, some of us just disagree with your rationale.

Those for separating Tuvix BELIEVE in the rights of the individual Tuvok and the individual Neelix.

On the other hand... blaming the civil war on Quinn gives him too much power. Quinn's deathwish wasn't a catalyst as much as a symptom of the flaws in the Q continuum. Flaws that "our" Q had admitted to during and at the end of the episode.

Q: Illogical, Tuvok? I don't think so. By demanding to end his life, he taught me a little something about my own. He was right when he said the Continuum scared me back in line. I didn't have his courage or his convictions. He called me irrepressible. This was a man who was truly irrepressible. I only hope I make a worthy student.

JANEWAY: I imagine the Continuum won't be very happy with you, Q.
Q: I certainly hope not. Au revoir, Madam Captain. We will meet again.

As always... YMMV.
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