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Re: A thought about Turnabout Intruder

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It was also a deeply disappointing entry in the genre of body-switch stories, because the fun of such stories is seeing actors mimic each other's characters, but Shatner and Smith made zero attempt to mimic each other. Shatner is just playing his idea of a generic female and Smith is playing her idea of a generic male. Which basically means he's campy and petulant while she's harsh and grating. Granted, it's hard to get that kind of mutual imitation right when it's with a guest star just coming in for a week, instead of someone you've worked alongside for some time and gotten to know. Still, one wishes director Herb Wallerstein had put a little more effort into this -- at least had the actors record each other's lines and let them review the tapes overnight or something.
Yeah. Shatner had pretty much an open field, the audience wouldn't have known the difference; but if the actor who played Lester had done a bit of a campy Shatner impersonation, dramatic pauses in her line readings or something, that would have been fantastic. Anything to suggest that Shatner was in there somewhere.
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