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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

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From what I recall (only played the mod once) you don't get to go to the factory until late in the game.

What class are you playing as? I found the skill-heavy sentinel to ultimately be the most fun as there are a LOT more skill checks in this one, even in dialogue. Skills giving you more dialogue options is one of my favorite things about Obsidian's RPG's (NWN2, Fallout: New Vegas.) Of course it also encourages me to cheat, just so I can see all the options available to me in a single playthrough.
I think I started off as a guardian and moved on to a watchman later on in the game. Good thing too I think as you don't get a good combat support companion until fairly late in the game. I only wish I'd known ahead of time that I was supposed to be converting everyone into Jedi as would have waited to level them up. As it stands I've just returned to Dxun and Mira barely has any force powers because it took me a while to figure out you need to take her back to Nar Shaddaa to Jedi her up. Indeed, I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with Bao-Dur.

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The thing I disliked about the sequel was that it revisited some of the locations from the first game, a bit too much in my opinion, which kind of felt a bit lazy. I would have liked some new locations instead. I mean, sure, the aftermath of Dantooine was neat, but we also got Korriban again. Replacing those with original locations like the others in the game, and I think the game would have had more going for it.
So far it hasn't bothered me so much. Dantooine was similar but noticeably different and the enclave's sublevel was a totally new area. The only direct level rip I've noticed so far is Korriban and that's a fairly brief level.

I will say though that the locations we do get as a little disappointing, especially compared to KotOR 1. While it's nice that the maps have terrain that isn't totally *flat* as it was in KotOR, there's just too many caves and metal corridors for my liking. I've yet to recapture the feeling I got when I first stepped out onto the Dune Sea. That "now *this* is what a Star Wars game should look like" feeling.

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I've actually gotten my hands on a copy of KotOR 2 and have so far really enjoyed it. The intro level(s) was a bit on the dull side (though nor nearly as bad as Taris) but they managed to break it up a bit with the switching perspectives. However I wouldn't fancy doing that several times for multiple playthroughs mind, that'd be a hell of a slog.

Anyway, I think I'm about half way though having completed Nar Shaadda, (sp?) Danooine and have just gotten to the Mandalorian camp on Dxun.

I have noticed a number of weird bugs, even though I installed the "restored content" mod right from the off. Mostly minor stuff, though I think there's a fairly major on in that I can't seem to find the HK factory and the journal entry for the quest has vanished.
There's a mod to skip the intro, thankfully!

I don't know what the status of the mod is though, but when I was still up on it a year ago, they were doing frequent updates. Although it wouldn't surprise me if there are still some bugs in it.
Near as I can tell, I have the latest version (1.7) which is well over a year old.

P.S. I don't know how anyone else feels about this, but I have to say I *hate* The Disciple. I mean bloody hell, I used to think Kaiden and Carth were dull, but this guy makes dishwater look like a veritable kaleidoscope of colour!
I wonder if there's a way I could edit my save to replace him with the Handmaiden...she looks *far* more interesting.
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