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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

67. Into the Abyss (B)

Into the Abyss: Werner Herzog's documentary about the effects of a triple homicide in Texas isn't his finest work, but it's certainly emotionally affecting. Perhaps most chilling are the lengthy sequences that linger on the remnants of the crime, such as the car that motivated the killing, now sitting in a police owned lot with plants growing in and around it, totally forgotten. One can't help get the feeling, though, that someone like Errol Morris would have been able to zero in on the more interesting figures in this film and made a more focused work. Instead, what we get is pretty sprawling, but always interesting.

(It should be pointed out that this isn't, as some critics identified it, a film about capital punishment, or about establishing innocence or guilt. This is a film about the effects of crime.)

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