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Re: So if the Axis won WWII, the Federation would have never existed?

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Man, the Space Reich would make the Terran Empire look like Dr. Evil's "margarine of evil".
The Space Reich is the Terran Empire.

To play the what-if game, I'm with the school of thought that says if the democracies got knocked out and it came down to the Axis vs Commies, the Commies win in the end. Let's not forget that the Axis nations would have had a large population of surly underlings. With Communism as the only viable alternative, they all become Commies. The Axis nations can't fight the whole damn world.

But that leads to a dilemma, because the Terran Empire doesn't seem remotely communist. No, the Terran Empire is a result of the triumph of the Nazis and eventual takeover of their global empire by the most dynamic and enterprising of the subject nations - Americans. The Terran Empire is Nazism, as reinvented by Americans. No loyalty, no self-discipline, no taste in clothing. Every day is a new opportunity to elevate your position through back-stabbing and mayhem. Shit, I've worked places like that.

So, where does the timeline where the Commies triumph lead? To the Federation, natch!
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