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Re: Did Voyager have bad continuity?

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it was no worse than TOS or TNG on continuity, it just gets more crap about it because television was more continuity-conscious by that point, plus VOY's premise demanded more attention paid to continuity.
But I think that was the problem, having a show with almost no continuity was fine in the 80s and the 60s, but the mid 90s the landscape of television was changing and Star Trek didn't change with it. Star Trek ended up getting left behind.
That's only partially true DSN also made in the 90's was more continuity conscious than VOY. So if you have two shows on at the same time one is doing continuity while the other is being more lax with it. It would tend to indicate that one creative team cared about these things, the other did not or at least not to the same extent.
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