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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

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I always thought that Kolchak should have gone to work for some sleazy tabloid of the Weekly World News variety. Then he'd be able to make a living writing about werewolves and zombies, but nobody would believe him. And, of course, he'd still be trying to convince the "real" papers to take him seriously . . . .
Where do you think MIB was getting its news in the '70s.

Actually they could just as easily have called the series The Kolchak Papers because of all the stories Karl could have had on file but never printed until one day a book could be published...maybe years after he died.

By 1970's standards Kolchak looks to be somewhere in his forties and yet McGavin was 52 when they began filming the series. The age factor rather suits the character settled in his quirky ways.

"Primal Scream" ****

A primitive primate/man is loose in the city.

Kolchak learns that cells found in ancient ice core samples perhaps millions of years old may have let loose some sort of pre homo sapiens primate in Chicago.

I'm not clear and may have to watch this again. Did the ancient cells mutate into a fully grown primate or was a modern primate infected and mutated by them? This story sort of presages Jurassic Park in a sense by bringing an ancient animal to life in modern times.

"The Trevi Collection" *****

A witch is at work inside a fashion house.

Kolchak has heavies leaning on him while he's also trying to figure out who the real witch is within a house of high fashion. This episode nicely plays the series' humour against the creepier aspects, which is the formula that really makes the show click. The humour takes some of the edge off the horror. You find yourself laughing with the show rather than at it. I love it.
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