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Re: Did Voyager have bad continuity?

Did you get tricked into buying the Star trek fact files? That glossy refill dumbed down version of the encyclopaedia that they then made you buy a ring binder to store? Seriously the guy at the news agency told me that it was 10 or 12 chapters at 7 dollars each per week tops.

Turned out to be closer to 80 chapters.

After 5 weeks, I just decided never to go back to that store ever again.

Some buggers job was to make us think that the details of this universe were worth obsessing over and that every thing was important and connected, but I doubt that the people in charge of highlighting these importances were anywhere near the pit where they make Star Trek.

I leant what I had to a friend.

3 years later I found that they had accidentally spilled an entire milkshake on the binder, and that all the pages were glued together, and it was easier to say that they would get around to finding it than replacing the frivolous investment.
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